Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Lie of the Lesser

Allow me to repeat an utterly vacuous argument I've heard one too many times:

"Refusing to vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary!"

No, you moron. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Hillary, a vote for Trump is a vote for Trump, and refusing to vote for either is the only option left to men of conscience and principle. I will not sully my sacred honor by endorsing a man as base and vulgar as Trump. There is no moral justification for supporting a man who has no qualifications for the office he seeks and who has repeatedly demonstrated that he is entirely ignorant of the document that established said office.

"But what about the Supreme Court! Hillary will appoint as many as five young liberals to it!"

And Trump will do better? He's openly considering a Democrat as his VP. He's also hinting that he'll refuse to take office even if he wins (spoiler alerthe won't). He's never expressed any interest in limited government or the constitution. Hell, he doesn't even know how many articles are in it! What reason is there to think that he'll appoint an actual conservative? What reason is there to think he'll even know how to *vet* an actual conservative?

"Hillary is a sure (bad) thing! Trump might surprise us!"

No he will not. There isn't a conservative bone in that man's body. He's constantly praising dictators including, Putin, Kim Jong Un, and even Saddam Hussein!

In fact I've yet to hear a convincing argument that Trump is any better than Hillary on any issue of importance to limited government conservatives.

Gun Control: In his book, The America We Deserve, he supported the 94 assault weapons ban and longer waiting periods. He claims to have converted, but there is no reason to believe him.

Abortion: Donald Trump claims to be pro-life now, but up until 2011 he was pro-choice. But his position changes so quickly its impossible to pin down

Limited Government: lol, of course not. Trump's selling Trump as the solution to all our problems, in that he is no different than Obama. Obama is not known for being an advocate of limited government.

Free Speech: Nope. The guy's modus operandi is to threaten people who oppose him into silence. He's constantly talking about "opening up the libel laws" to make it easier to sue people he doesn't like. 

How is this any different than Hillary wanting to repeal Citizens United, a court case that literally said it isn't illegal to show a film critical of Hillary?

Business Sense: The man literally bankrupted a casino.

Personal Integrity: lol, no.

So tell me, how exactly is he a better option than Hillary? In what area does he so outshine her? I can't think of any. 

So no, I will not vote for him. Nor should you if your reason for doing so is "at least he's not Hillary." The differences between them are so small as to be non-existent. "At least he's not Hillary" makes no sense when used in reference to a man is no different from her! They are both awful and in mostly the same ways! Short of a revolt in Cleveland, both parties will be offering corrupt liberals for president.

"Then they made me the GOP nominee for president!"

Its like choosing between two strains of flu. If your choices are H1N1 or H2N2, either way, you're gonna catch the flu. If you're lucky enough you might even live!

"So we're screwed?"

Now you're getting it! Nothing matters, eat Arby's.

However, so as not to end on a down note, Kevin Williamson at National Review points out that there is a bright side to 2016, and it is this: Americans will continue on as they always have regardless of whether they elect Jackass A or Jackass B.