Monday, October 13, 2014

No, Chron, Abbott isn't saying that

Recently, Texas' marriage law, which excludes same sex marriage, has come under attack. As the state Attorney General, Greg Abbott has been defending it. Because that's his job. Anyway. The Houston Chronicle recently published a rather confused article on Greg Abbot's judicial briefing before the 5th Circuit Court. The headline "Greg Abbott: Texas gay marriage ban reduces out-of-wedlock births," is factually wrong, Abbott argues no such thing. The actual briefing (which, to its credit, the Chron does link) is entirely unconcerned with either gay marriage or out-of-wedlock births.

I suspect part of the problem is that many people, and the media is especially guilty of this, tend to approach things pertaining to the judicial branch the same way they approach things pertaining to the legislative branch. Seeing as these branches operate in entirely different manners and are primarily concerned with entirely different questions, this leads to problems. Regardless, let us examine what Abbott is actually saying in his judicial brief.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Conversion Story

My conversion to Roman Catholicism has been, to date anyway, the most unexpected and unlikely event in my life. It is also something I get asked about a lot, and so I've decided to write a post detailing the long and slow process that led to my eventual conversion. Throughout this post I will sprinkle links to blogs and videos that were helpful to me, perhaps they'll be helpful to you.

It starts at Grove City College where I met many incredibly smart people who were, for the most part, not Baptist. They were mostly Presbyterian, and we spent many a study party getting distracted by tangents on theology. What I learned from this was that... though the fundamental Baptist church I had grown up in had done a pretty good job teaching me about the Bible, they hadn't really taught me much in the way of formal theology. It also taught me that sincere disagreement could exist over the interpretation of scripture, and that these disagreements were not born of ignorance or unfaithfulness. Over time that realization would eat away at my belief in Sola Scriptura.