Sunday, September 23, 2012

RCIA: Catching Up and Such

This week in RCIA we got a tour, and explanation of the various things found in, the church building. Which also makes this a good week to cover what we've been over so far and what I missed the two weeks before I started the class.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is the lack of surprises. Thus far the class has discussed God and Jesus, and my old Baptist Sunday School teacher could have been handed those lessons and never known they'd come from Catholic material. Really I'm not sure what else to say, there's not really anything different.

That's far too short to be a proper blog post so I'll tell you a little bit about the Catholic church building. Biggest difference between them and the Baptist churches I've been in? Nothing is in a Catholic church by accident. If there's one thing I took away from the tour today is that there is a reason for every thing in that building. Even the architecture, the bricks behind the alter are stacked vertically, not because someone thought it was different or pretty, but because it directs your gaze up towards heaven and symbolizes the prayers of the Church rising to God.

The water dishes at the entrances are there as a reminder of Baptism, which arguably plays a larger role in the Catholic Church than in the Baptist church! (More on this once we get to the sacraments) Even the table cloth on the alter is there less any part of the body and blood of Christ touch the floor. (Fun fact, there is a special sink where the vessels used in the Eucharist are cleaned and purified, it drains directly into the ground instead of the sewer system, so that no left over crumbs or drops of the Eucharist get washed into the sewers.)

Short update because I don't have much to talk about. Ok, that's a lie, I have much to talk about but I need more time to make it coherent. And play video games. And read the Catechism, and waste time on the internet. Etc, etc. More on RCIA every Sunday (is the plan) and I intend to do a post about Protestantism and why I'm looking else where at some point. Soooooo stay tuned!

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