Monday, October 10, 2011

Too Fast, Too Furious

No, this is not a blog post about that movie that has something to do with driving fast and stealing cars. It is about something much more serious, and hopefully this isn't the first time you've heard of it. I am talking about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive's operations "Fast and Furious."

Before we discuss operation Fast and Furious, we need some background information. Shortly after Obama took office in 2009, there was a coordinated push for more gun control laws from the executive branch. Most notable during this time was a statistic that was tossed around by Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and much of the news media. The claim was that 90% of the semi-automatic military style weapons (or "assault weapons") recovered from Mexican drug cartels were from America. The implication being that American's second amendment freedoms were somehow responsible for Mexico's drug violence.

Immediately the 90% statistic was called into question. It was eventually discovered that it was only 90% of the weapons recovered that were sent to the US for tracing. Of the weapons recovered in Mexico, less than 10% were even sent to the US for tracing. So, in reality about 9% of the recovered weapons were not from the US. This also includes guns that were sold to the Mexican military and then diverted to the cartels (through troop defections or theft).

Fortunately, many of the proposed gun control laws failed to pass.  However there were many backdoor successes, such as the State Department's refusal to allow the importation of 50 year old collectable US military rifles from South Korea.

Fast forward to December 14th 2010, just after 11:00pm: US Boarder Patrol Agent Brain Terry is killed in a shootout with cartel members. The murder weapon, a semi-automatic AK-47 clone, is found near the scene. Two weeks later, on December 28th, AFT agents blow the whistle and alert the gun rights media of Operation Fast and Furious.

January 22nd, 2011: World Net Daily becomes the first news outlet to break the story. You can read the original article here.
January 30, 2011: Sen. Charles Grassly offers his protection to whistle-blowers. His staffers begin investigating.

February 23, 2011: Sharyl Attkisson of CBS news becomes the first mainstream broadcast news reporter to report the story.

So, at this point, what was Operation Fast and Furious? Put simply, the ATF encouraged gun smuggling into Mexico. They allowed guns to "walk" and didn't try to stop them. They did the exact opposite of what the BATFE is supposed to do, instead of protecting people from illegally purchased guns, they encouraged illegal sales. They let the guns go and did nothing to stop it. Two thousand five hundred guns, enough to arm two army battalions!

Fast forward now to March 16, 2011: Rep. Darrel Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, begins his investigation into "Project Gunrunner" and "Operation Fast and Furious." He calls on the Department of Justice to cooperate with his investigation, instead Attorney General Eric Holder stonewalls the congressional investigation.

Let us pause here and think about that. A Federal Agency refused to cooperate with the House committee whose job is to investigate the federal government. This is not a minor thing, it is a slap in the face to our system of government. The Department of Justice is NOT above Congress!

This is post is going on long enough, so where are we today? What do you need to know and why should you care? Put simply, this is the biggest government coverup since Watergate, and that is absolutely not an exaggeration. You have a government agency, encouraging gun smuggling and a government agent dying as a direct result. That is in addition to an unknown number of Mexican casualties, not to mention the millions if not billions of tax money that funded all this death and destruction! Watergate was about a few people spying on political opponents, Fast and Furious already has a body count! Folks, that's what we call a BIG DEAL.

And the the news media has largely ignored it.

The next most important thing is that we now have evidence that at least Attorney General Eric Holder knew about the whole thing long before he claimed to have found out when he testified before the Oversight committee. This makes him a liar trying to cover up this miserable excuse of a operation. We don't know if President Obama knew about the gun smuggling, but to date Obama hasn't ordered Holder to comply with the Congress.

Holder at least deserves to be fired, and probably deserves to be thrown in jail for obstruction of Justice. Which is ironic, he's the head of the Justice Department.

So what can you do? Well for starters, read more about this. Get up to speed. This is only a brief summary of what went on. The list of government agencies involved in F&F is so long it would be humorous if people hadn't already died. Also, write your congressmen and tell them you want Justice. Write the news media and tell them you want objective reporting, that they can't ignore the largest government coverup since Watergate. Write the President and tell him he needs to order his Attorney General to cooperate with Congress.

I cannot underscore what a huge deal this is. Your government used your tax dollar to send guns to violent men who use them to do things like this. Also, thank Representative Darrell Issa and Senator Chuck Grassley for spearheading the Fast and Furious investigation. Without them this would have died months ago and we'd never have a chance at seeing justice.

Finally, I'll close with a link to a letter released by Representative Issa addressed to Eric Holder just recently.

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