Monday, December 13, 2010

Government, Distractions and You

I promise I'll get back into Evidence soon, November was just a busy month.

There is a lot of problems with our government. But for all of the governments problems there isn't a lot of outrage. You'd expect people to get more upset over things like a student hunter facing expulsion after accidentally leaving a unloaded gun locked in her car, or the TSA screening madness. Or how about the national debt? What about the amount of money we've spent on the so called "war on drugs"? What have we to show for it?

There is a lot of things to be upset over, regardless of your political beliefs, but there isn't nearly as many people vocalizing their anger as it seems there should be. So what gives? I think the answer might be distraction.

I saw more anger over Lebron James leaving Cleveland than I saw over people being molested by TSA at the airports. People seem to know more about the American Idol contestants than they do about their elected representatives.

If you know the stats for every player on one or more sports teams, but cannot tell me who your Representative and two Senators are, or which amendments are in the Bill of Rights, I cannot respect you. Grow up and take care of what's really important. You can sub in American Idol contestants, or Star Wars ships for sports teams, it doesn't matter. The point is that if you are of voting age and you don't participate in your government, GROW UP!

I don't have anything against your hobbies, so long as they aren't a distraction to what is really important. Our form of government, our Democratic Republic, can only last as long as its citizens are actively engaged. Why do we have so many incumbents who are so out of touch with reality that they don't know how to use an ATM? Its because people are too lazy to do their homework before they vote!

Here is what I am saying in a nut shell: think for yourself. Do not believe the media, do not believe the government. Do not sit in front of your TV and buy into the culture of distraction. Do your homework. Write to your politicians, ask them what their views are. Then go and look up their voting records. If they lied to you, don't vote for them! Why would you want to elect a lier? Don't blindly vote along party lines! Don't let your hobby and your entertainment distract you from your civil responsibilities. As a citizen it is your duty to safeguard this country with your vote!

Liberty is never more than one generation away from being lost. China is not the threat, terrorists are not the threat, Obama is not the threat and Republicans/Democrats are not the threat. Apathy and ignorance are the greatest threats to our country and way of life. You may not be able to do much about terrorists or China, but you can have a huge impact on apathy and ignorance just by thinking for yourself.

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  1. Very true Scott. I think too many people do not know how to express their views so they tune out of politics all together except when they have to vote. Then they vote like they would for an American idol contestant. Who ever looks the best, has the best sound bite, and says what they like to hear. It is really sad.